QS-9000 Section 4.10.6 Supplier Laboratory Requirement


Michael Busha

We are a mid-size machinery and fluid fill designer and manufacturer. After final inspection/runoff of our machines we certify travel gage assemblies dimensionally. Also we do re-certification of these same gages on a regular schedule. The certification is done in our inspection department (the same place we do our mic calibrations, etc.)and certs are printed and sent. It seems to me that 1) since the certifications are a part of the process (this I question regarding the re-certs), 2) they needn't be done in a separate facility, and 3) they are controlled by 4.9, we do not need to conform to 4.10.6. Does this logic make sense?

David Mullins

Ah, 4.10.6 of which standard?
9001 doesn't have a 4.10.6, QS may, but my copy's at home.

Plus, your scenario sounds unlikely to meet 4.10

More info required please Michael


Michael Busha

That would be the QS 9000 3rd edition, 1998. You are correct, there is no such element in ISO.


4.10.6 Supplier Laboratory Requirement

under this clause, the supplier shall have a laboratory scope, manual, etc .etc.

how do you classified a laboratory ? failure analysis laboratory ? etc ?

my company is an electronic component assembly company, and we do not have those lab. The only 'lab' or testing done, is the incoming check, whereby some of the incoming goods from subcontractor are checked against the spec, i.e. height, strength, hardness, etc.

my question is, does the incoming lab qualified as the laboratory under 4.10.6 ? and we have to come out with those requirements as in 4.10.6 ?
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