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Steven Truchon

As I prepare for a 4.6 internal harrassment, er, I mean, audit, I am reading again for the *nth time and I notice something I have never "read" before,
"...with the goal of subcontractor compliance to QS9000 using Section I of QS9000 as their fundamental quality system requirement."
My question: What is Section I ???? of QS9000
If I am not seeing the obvious here I'll blame it on the 60's, but I really cannot determine what Section I is.

All help appreciated!
Steve :smokin:


Steve -

Check out your copy of the "Quality System Requirements for QS900 - Third Edition." Section one of this book outlines and defines the 20 elements of QS9000.

Hope this helps!

Sorry if I'm wrong, I'm too young to blame it on the 60's.:bigwave:


Fully vaccinated are you?
Willy is right about the first section being the 20 elements and the second section in the 1998 version is Customer Specific Requirements - which was section 3 in the previous version.

In the previous version, Section II was: Sector-Specific Requirements and Section III was: Customer Specific Requirements

Steven Truchon

Well, there's a major "duh" as I slap my forehead.

I need a vacation.

Thanks Willy and Marc.


Al Dyer


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Have a good day and know that we all "read" something into the standards that we thought we already knew, join the club.
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