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Confusion w our Registrar or am I confused?
TE company seeking QS9000 TE certification - what would my cert read? ISO9001:1994 (+) QS 9000 (+) TE Supplement OR just ISO 9001:1994 TE?

ALSO - as a TE supplier, PPAPs are replaced by machinery qualification runoffs - correct? Our registrar is insisting that we can not get QS9000 TE because we don't do PPAPs.

Someone have a clear reading on this?


Tom Goetzinger

We were recently recommended for certification by NSF and will have two certificates of registration. One will read "ISO 9001:1994" and the other will read
"ISO 9001:1994, with QS-9000 TE Supplement:1998".
The intent is to be sure that QS-9000 TE is not interpreted to be QS-9000.
Your best bet is to check with your registrar. They must have the wording they use approved by the RAB, rather than using wording specified by the RAB; because of this the wording can vary from registrar to registrar.
Regarding the PPAP issue, TE clearly replaces that requirement with the runoff requirement. Have you checked to be sure the registrar you are using is certified to do TE audits? I would be a bit concerned about his knowledge of TE if they really expect PPAPs and this is not just some sort of a misunderstanding.

Tom Goetzinger

Dan De Yarman

I agree with Tom, check with your registrar.

You can also check with the RAB. Their website is www.rabnet.com

As of December 28, 1999 they listed the following as TE Registration capable registrars (in the U.S.A.):
AQSR International, Inc.
BSI, Inc.
Entela, Inc. Q.S.R.D.
ITS/Intertek Services
NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd.
Performance Review Institute Registrar
SGS International Certification Services, Inc.
TUV Management Service, A Division of TUV America
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Be careful who you choose, because some registrars' TE qualifications are limited.

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