QS-9000 / TE Requirments and TS 16949



QS9000/TE requirments and TS16949

With QS9000 being phased out, I am concerned where that will leave us as a Tooling and Equipment supplier. Does anyone know how the TE requirments will be handled with TS16949? or what the plans are for those suppliers who are QS9000/TE certified?


Roger Eastin

The relationship between TE and TS has been very quiet. I would ask your SQA rep from the Big 3 or maybe your registrar would know. The question was asked several months ago, but no one knew what would happen to TE when TS took over.


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I think I remember some discussion of this in one or more threads but as I remember there's no 'official' position from anyone yet.

Greg Maggard

4.2.5 Plant, Facility, and Equipment Planning: p.9 ISO/TS Technical Specifications.
Also 4.2.6 Tooling Management p.10
Then Preventive Maintenance p.19
Seems this would be an eng./ maint responsibility.;)
but I am still looking, I think it is called out in writing.
Possible I put my foot in mouth.

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