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QS 9000 third edition clause 4.9.g.1 - Seeking an example SOP



This is my first posting at this site. Hello all. I have read all the info (on this site)that was on the suject 4.9.g.1 but I was wondering if it is possible to get an SOP from someone that covers (QS 9000 third edition 4.9.g.1). I am fairly new in the PM area and any help, web sites or examples I could get would be greatly appreceated.


Thank you Al,Cheryl and James for your response. It will help me from reinventing the wheel. From what I have seen our format is very lacking.
One of the items I am going to have a problem with will be coming up with a logical/easy way to come up with "Documenting, evaluating and improving maintenance objectives" of our Key Equipment.
Again THANK YOU all for your input.
QS-9000 is alot easier when we all work together.
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