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QS / ISO vs TS

We are a Tier 2 supplier to the B3 and have been QS certified since 97. Our corporate HQ tell us that we can continue our QS registration until 12/06 provided we meet all the requirements ofthe 3rd edition QS manual PLUS the requirements on the new ISO9001:2000 standard by Dec 03.

Instead of progressing to the TS standard, it sounds like we have to be to the QS and ISO stds. Has anyone else heard of this edit?


I have only heard of 1 of the Big Three: Daimler Chrysler. They have sent a letter with the content, that after the 01. July 2004 they will only allow to be certified according to ISO/TS

From the other big 3, I have no info.





Thanks for the reply. I have also seen that letter but it seems to apply to Tier 1 suppliers. Since we are a Tier 2 supplier, I hope it does not apply to us because I will have to follow corporate directions. :bonk:


Randy Stewart

Don't get too comfortable

I'm not saying that you'll have to Bob, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the requirement hit the Tier 2's. Look at the verbiage in that letter, it addresses all suppliers currently registered to QS and uses words like "strongly urged" and "at the expiration of current certification". If and when a supplement for TE suppliers is accomplished look for it to become a requirement to shift all certs to 16949. In other words - it's just a matter of time.



If your company achieves certification to ISO 9001:2000, then you will not require a QS certification any longer.

If YOUR customer is pursuing TS certification, then you will be required to upgrade to ISO 9001:2000, thereby making your QS certification moot. Additionally, they will be working with you to conform to TS. This means that your system is a good one but you don't have to pay any money to certify it to TS.

I hope this clarifies things a little.



The sanctioned interpretations contain the criteria for maintaining QS status until 06.
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