Who can introduce me some details about QS9-SC and QSA-SC?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I don't have the latest edition as I have not had a client requiring it since the revision. I worked with the previous version with Motorola, however.

I'm not sure what I can tell you. The last semi-conductor suplement version wasn't difficult. But there is too much for me to try to tell you in a forum thread.

It was 23 pages. Main additions to QS9000 were:

4.2 Inclusion of feasibility reviews
4.3 Contract review - slight mod - shall include device engineering specs
4.4 Design - supplements to verification and validation and design output
4.8 Traceability - includes 24 hour traceability and containment
4.10 I&T - Guyard banding req.
4.14 Containment FMEAs req.

The rest is pretty simple stuff.

I suggest you obtain a copy of the standard ( www.aiag.org ) and then come back here to the forum and ask more specific questions about interpretations and implementation.
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