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william wang

Dear All:
We are a copper clad laminate manufacturer, our customers make printed circuit boards for auto industry. Our customers get QS9000 certification and require us to be QS9000 compliance(we are ISO9000 certified). What does QS9000 compliance mean? Our customer use QS9000 as audit standard and ask us to have PPAP/APQP manual and require us to use C=0 sampling plan and require our customer to be 100% on time delivery. Are these requirement reasonable?

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Spaceman Spiff

Compliance means that your system conforms to the QS requirement without the necessary registration and certification as your ISO. If your customer requires it in order for you to do business with him, then you do not have a choice but to conform per your ISO 4.3 Contract Review requirement. C=0 or zero defects sampling plan should be something you use already as it prevents shipments with high percentage of defective units. However, with PC boards, a lot of the defects may be only cosmetics. That is where you need your customer to define what is visually acceptable and unacceptable.

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