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QS9000 element implications




I have a question about the element, because it says: a supplier shall notify their certification body/registrar in writing within five working day when a customer places the site in Chrysler "Needs Improvement". Chrysler had required "Needs Improvement" and they require to notify to our certification body, the question is: when we notify to the certification body about this, What is the implication? is there a risk to lose our certificate? or What is the next step after notify to the certification body?
Thanks in advance

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Tom W

Living the Dream...
My understanding is that if this happens the registrar wants to know so they can evaluate the situation. Yes I believe - worst case - you could loose your certification, but there are not to many quality registrars out there that would shy away from your money. They need to ensure that they are giving you an honest evaluation for your system. It would look bad for them to say you are certified to QS9000 and then have one of the big three say your system is failing.


The problem was not a failure of the Quality System, it was an unique event, so I hope they can evaluate the situation.

Tom W

Living the Dream...
They should take into consideration the aspect of the problem. The registrar is only worried about potential conflicts with the certification.


The IASG sanctioned interpretations dated Februry 29, 2000 item R3 require the registrar to place a supplier's registration on probation if D/C notify of "Needs Improvement" status. If the probation isn't lifted within 4 months, "the registrar shall revoke a supplier's certificate". This can get serious.
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