QS9000 or TR 16949? Which should we register to? Management wants one or the other

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Hy! My name is Paolo and I'm an Italian
The factory where I'm working is planning
to achieve the QS9000 certification.
Some consultants told me that is better
to wait next year. In fact, it
will be easier to achive ISO TR16494
than be QS9000 certificated and after
change it to a TR16949 certification.
Consider that we are not imposed to
be certified (we are not supplier of the B3), it's the top management
that wants it!
What do you think about this?

Thank you for your attention and
excuse my terrible english!

Roger Eastin

Welcome to the wonderful world of quality standards! (And by the way, your english was good.) There doesn't seem to be alot of information about when TR16949 is going to be applied. If there is no rush for you to be certified, I would wait, too. If the copy of TR16949 is current, it is very similar to QS9000. However, it is not as prescriptive - meaning that TR16949 will be easier to apply than QS9000. It sure would be nice if ISO would make TR16949 more official! I've already asked too many questions about this standard (TR16949) in this forum, so I won't push that rope any more!



If one of your goals in life is to avoid unnecessary headache and heartache, then avoid QS-9000 like the plague. I've read TR16949, and the way I would like things to happen is eventually everyone in automotive, both the U.S. and Europe, adopt TR16949 as the quality system standard, and do away with QS, VDA, AVSQ, and EAQF.


Fully vaccinated are you?
If one of your goals in life is to be happy, avoid automotive all together....

Bryon C Simmons

The above statement is one of the most profound I have seen in a long time...thanks to Marc for his hard-earned insight..

Unfortunately, the world of standards continues to grow....now we are seeing a standard for SOCIAL requirements for a company...gimme a break......

QS gives you some great starting points for running your business....but avoid all of the restrictive stuff, if you have no requirement for registration.....the B3 will continue to tell you how to run your business

I always refer back to the inane requirement for dock audits in the 3rd edition....gee, lets regress to the detection mode some more.

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