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Fully vaccinated are you?
--> I was just shown a copy of QS-9000 Third Edition, Third Printing,
--> which has different content from the original Third Edition. The
--> difference I was shown is in the GM-Specific Requirements. While I
--> didn't look myself, I was told that this specific change was not
--> listed in Appendix F, Change Summary
--> What gives? Are we to buy copies of new printings every time one
--> comes out in order to see if there are any changes affecting us? Is
--> there another means by which we are to be informed of changes which
--> are printing-to-printing rather than edition-to-edition?
--> Any input will be appreciated.
--> Len Litvan...

Early in the 'history' of the last edition they made a change and just pasted a little piece of paper with the revision right over the text in the 'book' (manual, specification or whatever you call it). If you ordered a copy of QS9000 at one point in its issue (just after the change) you got the 'pastie'! They did not 'advertise' the revision. I found it in one set of manuals I ordered. I do not know if other 'dirty little changes' have occurred, but I think I remember one or two others. The main body (section 1) has not (to my knowledge) been subject to 'dirty little changes'. The main body has, however, and will continue to be, a source of constant interpretations. (How do you define the word IS?)

I had not heard about this recent 'change' before this e-mail so I cannot comment on it. In short, however, the history of QS is that the folks controlling it do not 'strictly' subscribe to what QS9000 proscribes in its own document control section. In their defense (ah hemmm.) these changes have all (to my knowledge) been to specific customer requirements. So - if you're working closely with your customer, you should get word of the changes through their Supplier QA (or whoever there you're dealing with).


Marc Smith

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Marc, you are absolutely right! It seems that every time there is a new printing, there is all kinds of hidden gems. We are almost forced to compare the two printings word for word to ensure we are addressing the changes. I guess to the B3 that is considered value-added. The worst part is that I can never get hold of our STAs without playing phone tag for 2 weeks... and when we do get hooked up, they have no better understanding of the QS9K requirement that the rest of us (and some even less).

It seems that in Appendix I it mentioned that this requirement is a binding agreement and is part of the contract review. Wouldn't it be a hoot if every time they come out with a new requirement, we requote the price of the product or services to the B3?! By the way, has anyone out there every tried that? I am very interested to hear your story. Better yet, if you were successful in raising the price, please share with the rest of us on how you did it.


Fully vaccinated are you?
My real bitch is 'they' simply haven't progressed. QS9000 is still a sloppy document and there's no excuse for it. All the interpretation problems are from the same 'engine'.

As far as the contract aspect, well - depends on the details of change, I suppose.
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