QS9000 third edition - Do APQP, FMEA and PPAP have any significant changes


Daniel Emond

In the QS9000's third edition, are APQP, FMEA and PPAP have no significant changes. We plan doing nothing in those parts to update from second to third edition of QS9000. For me, these program elements have only been moved ? That's the case ?

Bryon C Simmons

Yep. I believe you are right. There are no changes from the 2nd Edition requirements. Just moved em to element 4.2. Thi should have triggered some changes to your quality manual, but should strictly be format changes.



Actually there is one significant change in 3rd Edition... that is Clause Subcontractor Requirements. While QS9K does not force you to require PPAP from your suppliers, some sort of part approval process is required.

Daniel Emond

I've appreciated your comment Gordon.

The clause you are talking about is extremely hard for us to work on, actually. PPAP isn't an element that we plan to develop with our subcontractors in a near futur.

We are a tier 2 supplier of the OEM (rarely tier 1). So, a lot of our suppliers are only distributor.

Therefore, this requirement figures on our subcontractor development calendar, and there's not much for the time being.

Thanks for your help !


Fully vaccinated are you?

What do you get from distributors? How is that handled?

Daniel Emond

We will work first with three major subcontractors which are not distributor.

Our purchase manager has only contacted the distributors to annonce them our intentions.

So. Honestly ? I have no precise idea yet.

Any help ?


We get Swiss components from a distrubutor in Chicago. Once he understood some of our requirements, and realized he had little to do himself, he was happy to comply. We initially got a bunch of process documentation, material cert, capability study and a part cert from the manufacturer. The distributor receives certs and data with each lot, which he copies and attaches to each shipment to all of his customers.

Daniel Emond

All right. But, up to now, this supplier has sent you the documentation you mentionned.

In the future, according to element (subcontractor development), have you planned special development with that distributor, of course, if he is critical in your system.

We have to deal with that kind of situation: critical supplier (distributor) that we have to develop according to QS9000 requirements (
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