QS9000 vs. E-commerce

Has anyone considered how the purchasing (element 4.6) requirements of QS9000 will impact e-commerce? Since e-commerce is generally an auction type of set up, it would seem that QS requirements for approval, subcontractor development, etc. would prohibit registered companies from purchasing in that environment. Any thoughts?

Spaceman Spiff

Interesting topic... but I doubt this will impact suppliers to the B3 because they typically do not bid from auctions of materials and components. However, who is to say in a few years that won't be the case.


Spaceman Spiff

Well, perhaps I spoke too soon! In January 2000 issue of Ward's AutoWorld, I read that GM and Ford are both working on e-purchasing programs, where suppliers will be able to bid and sell parts to GM and Ford on-line (page 22). Onward to a brave new world!


Captain Nice
Staff member
It has started on a lot of levels. Many companies now will not purchase from a company which does not agree to direct deposit of invoices. No more checks.

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