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I was glad to find an excellent website which offers free information to questions on ISO/QS9000 related issues.
I am currently doing a final year thesis and I would highly appreciate the following questions answered.

1. I understand that there are 20 clauses in ISO9001 and 23 clauses in QS9000. However, QS9000 uses all those 20 clauses from ISO9001. I understand that QS is broken into three parts. The first part is all
elements of ISO9001. Each section of part 1 of QS9000 has additional specific requirements. What are the specific additions or subtractions in each of the 20 clauses from ISO9001 to QS9000.

2. I understand that QS9000 was revised in 1998. What additions were added if any from QS9000 1995. Also the implementation guide on your website includes the first edition of QS9000. Can you guide me to the latest issue i.e 1998.

3. By implementing the clauses would I be implementing ISO/QS9000 or are other factors important for implementation.

4.What are the steps of implementation for QS9000.

5. How do the 7 referance manuals tie into QS9000.are they used in ISO9000.

The answers to these questions will be highly
appreciated as would an early reply due to a
approaching deadline.

Thankyou very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captain Nice
Staff member
Answers to 1 and 2 are on the site - see the QS9000 page ( )

Also for #2, I do not have an implementation guide for the 1998 version, but the implementation 'guide' for the previous edition should be sufficient - it's basically the same stuff and implementation issues have not substancially changed IMHO.

As to 3, you are implementing and registering to ISO9001 - with QS9000 additional requirements.

As for 4, geeze - look around. There is a lot of info on this site as regards implementation. However, it should be pointed out that implementation at each company is different. In addition, from question 2, you are asking basically the same question.

As far as 5 goes, the additional documents (APQP, etc.) address QS9 issues.
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