QS9000TE / ISO9001:2000



I have been informed that should we seek accreditation to QS9000TE, we will need a seperate accreditation to ISO9001:2000. Is this true?


QS/TE certification "automatically" includes ISO 9001/2:1994. ISO & AIAG have stated that ISO 9000:94 will still be allowed to be used after the 2003 expiration for holders of QS or QS/TE certs, so you will not HAVE to get 9000:2000. If you want ISO 9001:2000 in addition to QS/TE, you may have to pay your registrar for an extra certificate and possibly more audit time. My guess is that they will have to complete a 9000:2000 checklist in addition to the QS/TE, so they may request additional fees. I have not run into this situation with a new client yet, so I have not had any registrars work up a quote for QS/TE, ISO 1994 and ISO 2000.

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Jim Evans

For what it is worth, we just got our TE Certificate last week. It reads:

Q9001 (ISO 9001:1994) and QS-9000 TE Supplement:1998

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