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Ron Jacobson

Our Company is just starting to prepare for certification, and I am curious. Are there any testimonials out there,or any general study that has been made, that indicates the benefit that have been gained, in becoming accredited in QS9000/TE Supplement, with respect to gained efficiency, drop in the per-person working hours per volume, or value of product sold? (Graph, or data)

Ron Jacobson
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I haven't really seen anything specific to TE suppliers but I have seen data from places like the ASQC that 'indicates' QS-9000 has helped companies.

Hey Laura - what have you seen?

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Laura M

I guess I don't have a client far enough down the road yet to show anything. One which make large automated equipment just hired a service manager who is going to be organizing and obtaining csustomer uptime information post warranty periods for input into designs. They didn't do it because of QS, they did it because they thought it made good business sense - and it happens to ful fill 4.19 and 4.2 requirements. They hope to have some documentable results from that.

Another didn't register to T/E, but is probably 90% compliant. They have improved operating metrics (OT, on-time to milestones, etc) Maybe through the hardwork of one individual, but having the defined job descriptions, and procedures, he says he points to those to remind folks of the expectations. Having a T/E compliant Quality Manual was enough to land them on a approved suppliers list for a large manufacturer, without the certificate.
Although they just called back...are now thinking about finishing up and going for registration. :)
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