QS92k Section II- what is the ISO/TS equivalent?



In the very helpful "Comparison of Requirements" by Radley M. Smith, our Lead Auditor just realized there are no references to QS9000 Section II. We have been using this as our guide- now we are a bit lost.

What happened to the Customer-specific requirements in ISO/TS?! Our current procedure contains general statements to theeffect that the requirements will be met- is all the detail removed from the Tech Spec?

M Greenaway

No dmar.

TS still mentions customer specific requirements in many places, unfortunately you have to go find out from your customer what they are (if not told already) as they will not appear in TS16949 itself.


GM, Ford and Chrysler have released their specific requirements. You can find links to them at www.iaob.org. They read much the same as QS-9000 Section II - at least GM and DC - Ford links to their supplier site that requires a password.

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