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QSA Second Printing

:bigwave: I don't know if I'm just a day late and a dollar short or what but....... The other day I'm doing an audit of the cal lab and inquire if data is kept on the received as condition of gages / test equipment etc. Well, come to find out, my checklist is OUT OF DATE! Why? Because the SOBs that write the QSA failed to bump the edition level when they changed the wording, AND MEANING, of question 11.17 on page 40, in the SECOND printing of the QSA, dated Aug. 1998, vs. the 1st printing, dated Mar 1998! What gives? I thought printings were reserved for spelling corrections, etc, but when the wording, meaning, and / or intent is changed, the edition is reved. Am I wrong to be pixxed?


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Not unusual for them to not specify changes clearly when they bump. Thanks for the heads up!


QSA-3 2nd Edition, 2nd Printing

The back of the title page of QSA 2nd edition, 2nd printing includes:

"This Second Printing of the Second Edition makes several formatting changes and revises Question 11.17 to fully align with the QS-9000 Third Edition text."

The following web page does not indicate that there is a second printing (at least not that I see).




QSA 2nd Printing


I checked the aiag web site you posted and it doesn't seem to indicate that a second printing has occurred. Also, my QS9K manual, 3rd ed, 3rd printing (which I believe to be the most recent), still references the Mar 1998 (1st) printing of the QSA, instead of the Aug 1998 (2nd) printing of the QSA.
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