QSA-TE - Electronic version of the QSA_TE (2nd edition)



Does anyone know of an electronic version of the QSA_TE (2nd edition)? I want to add a column and use it to refer to where we satisfy the various elements. Don't want to type it all up, though!


Molissa Burton

I don't know if they do have an electronic version, but you might want to contact Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG.) They print and sell the QS-9000 series, so if anyone would have it, they would.

Howard Atkins

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I talked to AIAG as to purchase of electronic versions and downloading from their site.
Here is their reply
I received your email concerning your request to be able to purchase our standards and being delivered via e-mail. Obviously, considering your location this would save you a tremendous amount of cost in shipping and other related charges. I do realize that other organizations are offering the ability to download standards and like them we are in the planning phases of being able to do this also. Our objective would be to
have something in place by next year and for this to be a web based application.
Late this summer we will be offering the QS-9000 manual and many of the related manuals in an electronic format."
"Rich Marsolais
Communications/Industry Services Director"

The more that push the faster this will be!!!

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Cindy Heimberger

Our registrar, Entela, has an electronic TE Supplement Checklist available for purchase. Go to their web site, www.entela.com for information and to order.

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