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QSB plus given by PSA and GM and ISO TS 16949



HELLO everyone :bigwave: Well, I'm an intern in a company which is on its way to having a QSB plus certification, and my question is: what is the difference between the standard ISO/TS 16949 and this certification QSB plus given by PSA and GM? And thanks a lot for your help :thanx:
We just went throught the QSB+ certification and it is a GM specific audit looking for things above and beyond TS that GM feels is critical to a supplier's success. It is a very intensive audit that you typically do a self survey and they come verify the things you put down. We were told that they have become much more critical and there is a lower 1st time pass rate on this audit. There are also additional requirement on maintenance and logisitcs primarily that were not on the older QSB. TS certification is good for many more customers even though some have their own certifications as well. Ford requires Q1 certification to their system.
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