QSR 3rd Edition, section II Run at Rate (run@rate) - What do they want?


Richard Fillbach

What exactly is Ford Motor Company looking for in the QSR 3rd Edition, section II concerning run@rate and is there some type of formula or form you use. I know it concerns quote capacity but since we are a tier 2 supplier, we have never had to conduct run@rate test. Our customer is now requiring it from us so I am asking any information on what run@rate is and how do you go about completing the requirement.
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I can give a little info based on our run@ rate from GM. The STE takes the control plan and flow diagram from the PPAP, the quote we supplied regarding parts per hour/week/month, and they watch the process run. They count parts for a few hours, and determine if the quote was accurate, and the flow is the same, and the control plan is being followed. Scrap, operator breaks, etc. are taken into consideration. During the few hours the STE actually roams about, checking any related operational stuff, such as bill of materials, FMEA, any supplier issues if purchased components are involved, etc. It is usually a one shift visit, and you pass or fail. If there are any issues, either corrective actions or improvement opportunities are agreed to with due dates.

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We also as tier 2 have had run@rates by the tier 1. As batman said the PPAP is checked against what is in place etc. The amount of production counted etc. In general the process is the more important factor than the actual production time.
According to the strict application of the rules you can only do a run@rate when the part has been approved as otherwise you are producing parts which could be not accepted. This can be used as a lever for approval.
It is also possible to do a self run run@rate, the GM procedure is in GM1960 (GP9).
If your PPAP is correct and you work as you say the process is painless.
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