Qualification Builds & Process Changes (AS9102 - First Article Inspection)



I am looking for advice here as my experience within Qualification Builds is limited.

I have a Customer who has now informed me that the products we are making for them are for Qualification rather than Development and my take on this means that all the processes we use must be authorised and be in line with what we aim to do in Batch Production.

The question

The Customer has authorised multiple processes in their specification and we want to use 1 of 2 methods.

If we use Method 1 for the NPI and state this in the FULL AS9102 we provide. Are we allowed to change to Method 2 once we go into batch as long as we do a PARTIAL AS9102?

Or does it mean the Customer has to get the part re-qualified?

To me; as the Customer has already authorised the 2 methods, and that we should be able to change between the two methods as and when the quantities dictate as long as we have the Full and Partial AS9102s completed showing the difference in the Processes.

Or should we run this by the Customer and get their take before selecting our process?



Starting to get Involved
That is typically going to be customer to customer as far as a full approval or a delta.

As far as the spec is concerned you will need to do a delta FAI for anything the change may have impacted. We do these when we move a part from a mill to a lathe or OSM or vice versa. Some of our customers only want us to perform the delta and maintain it, while others want to have a full source inspection any time we make a change. We have some controlled planning where the customer makes us get reapproved if we move the job from the actual mill it was planned on.

Your customer should have some blurb in their Supplier Quality Requirements about work transfer that will lay it out for you. If not, I would suggest getting a hold of the customer supplier quality rep and ask them.
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