Quality Assurance Assessment of the F-35 Lightning II Program


Reg Morrison

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Despite being almost 3 years old, this is an interesting report with over 360 findings of an AS9100 audit performed by the DoD on the Lockheed Martin F35 program, including some of it's suppliers, which are all AS9100 certified, I believe.

the document is available publicly https://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?Location=U2&doc=GetTRDoc.pdf&AD=ADA591268 so i guess it does not affect national security.
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Document is 136 pages long. Distilled:


The F-35 Program did not sufficiently implement or flow down technical and quality management system requirements to prevent the fielding of nonconforming hardware and software. This could adversely affect aircraft performance, reliability, maintainability, and ultimately program cost. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (Lockheed Martin) and its subcontractors did not follow disciplined AS9100 Quality Management System practices, as evidenced by 363 findings, which contained 719 issues."
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