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Quality Assurance for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)


Starting to get Involved
Are there any structured requirements for managing Complementary and Alternative Medicine/ Therapies -such as Herbal/ Ayurveda/ Homeopathy/ Yoga/ accupuncture/ etc. Compliance to ISO 9001 and/ or Accreditation of these Clinics has happened ?? Health Care Quality Experts please share your Experiences & related links. :thanx:


I am aware of some salons (spas, treatment, naturalisic stuff) being registered in US. I am also aware of manufacturers and distributors of health and beauty supplies being registered. I am also aware of ISO 9001 being implemented in churches, schools, professional societies, etc. Implementation can be done as long as you identify the 'product' provided by the organization, who the customers are and what are the processes employed by the organization for a start. The rest is a matter of ensuring compliance with the standard's requirements (without me getting into much details). Keep us informed on how the implementation goes as this is not your every-day project. Good luck and have fun!
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