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Quality at Logistical Service Porvider

Hi all,

Short introduction.
My name is Ronald and I am QESH manager at a logistigal service provider in the Netherlands.
In a changing logistical market, the quality of the service, equipment and employees is becoming more and more important.
The company I work for is specialized in intermodal bulk transport of liquid food, liquid chemical, dry bulk (food) and dry bulk (chemical)
As a company we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 2200:2005 (incl. HACCP), GMP+ B4 (incl. HACCP), Kosher and Halal certified and we have a SQAS attestation.

I was wondering if, among the usual visitors of this amazing quality forum, there are Quality managers/enigineers/employees that also work in the "logistical service providers business" and what their experiences are with regards to Quality Management Systems and or Food Safety Management Systems.
Depending on the response I will look to start one or more seperate discussions.

Yhanks in advance for adding a comment.
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