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Quality Control Humor


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Quality Control

(From an article in The (Toronto) Globe and Mail:)
Mr. Jones related an incident from "some time back" when IBM Canada Ltd.
of Markham, Ont., ordered some parts from a new supplier in Japan. The
company noted in its order that acceptable quality allowed for 1.5 per cent
defects (a fairly high standard in North America at the time).
The Japanese sent the order, with a few parts packaged separately in
plastic. The accompanying letter said: "We don't know why you want
1.5 per cent defective parts, but for your convenience, we've packed
them separately."



Real Life: Just tell the customer quality doesn't matter, then eat the cost yourself...

I would post the link of the waitress in China who did this LITERALLY with a cockroach on a customer's plate, but I only have 0 posts, so look it up yourself (On daily mail in UK).

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