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Have any of you out there got a decent example of the above Job description. I have search both the Cove and Google but the results have been very non specific.

Any help would be greatly apprecisted

Many thanks



Here is one I saw some time ago, hope it helps,

Quality Engineer

Responsible for Quality System Maintenance
Continuous Improvement
Root cause analysis and implementation of corrective action for process related concerns.
Preventive Maintenance
Customer Quality Interface
Process Audits
Internal Quality Audits
Customer complaints & Corrective actions follow-up
Review quality reports and drive actions to improve quality
Coordination and driver of continuous improvement program
Document and/or review all procedures and processes

Knowledge and Skills Required:
- Bachelors in Business or engineering
- Minimum 3 years experience in electronics manufacturing is preferred
- Minimum 3 years in quality system maintenance
- Excellent computer skills (Including, but not limited to: Windows, Office, Visio, Project
- Manager, Internet)
- Excellent Communication skills
- Work independently, and proactively
- Experience in Automotive industry (PFMEA, Control Plan, PPAP)
- Good ISO/TS quality system knowledge


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I've found that quality engineer is going to vary from company to company...
at one place it could be someone who does process validation, at another it could be someone who's in charge of an SPC program, and at another it could be the guy who writes product specifications.
At one place it could be an entry level college grad and at another it could be a senior engineering position.

I don't think you can buttonhole "Quality Engineer" into a single job description that will fit any organization.

Maybe if you give us more specifics as to your industry we can be of more help...


This job description was in ASQ's 2007 salary survey published in the December '07 Quality Progress magazine.

Designs, installs and evaluates quality assurance process sampling systems, procedures and statistical techniques. Designs or specifies inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; Analyzes production and service limitations and standards. Recommends revision of specifications when indicated. Formulates or helps formulate quality assurance policies and procedures. Might conduct training on quality assurance concepts and tools. Interfaces with all other engineering components within the organization and with customers and suppliers on quality related issues.


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Hi, I do not have a job description but a question to everybody:), sorry for being slightly off-topic.

What does a Quality System Engineer do at your company? What is their task?
I am asking because it seems that my tasks are going to change at my company and I start to feel like an overpaid administrator, so I'd like to make a quick comparison check if I am right or wrong.

My tasks going to be
- release documents (no content check, just put them in the doc. handling system) - we have approx. 8000 documents to maintain (big automotive factory) - so this will cover around 90% of my time.
- internal auditing (2-3 system audits a year and 10-15 process audits)
- yearly management review
- KPI reporting (not collecting or analyzing the data just type the numbers from a spreadsheet to an online tool)

basically nothing else.

I was responsible to handle ~400 docs (check content and format, general ones not product specific;also make the changes in the quality department related docs )
Internal auditing and audit follow up
Trainings on quality core tools, problem solving, basic knowlage
Data analysis - (KPIs on a monthly base)
Keyuser/admin of multiple quality software like manufacturing audit, complaint tracker, document handling, intranet site
Participating in 3rd party audits
Participating in system level issues problem solving (lessons learned)
I also been involved in introducing the ISO 50001 system.

So on one hand I kinda feel happy for the less tasks but on the other hand I start to feel a bit like my skills and knowledge is not needed anymore, as long as I do the majority of the administration work :(.
How a company benefits from it's employees skills changes as the company does - first, are they still paying you? If so, good place to start :)

And if your duties do not keep you busy enough, somebody will find more for you to do, never fear. A Quality Engineer is usually involved in doing things more involved than they want the inspectors to do, but not rewarding enough that the Quality Manager wants to do it :)

I know it can be frustrating when you feel you are capable of more, and there are not opportunities to use all your skills, but I always look for ways to improve the situation whatever my duties are, and that keeps things interesting. Good luck to you in your new role.


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From Monster.com

Quality Engineering Job Responsibilities:

Provides statistical information for quality improvement by identifying testing methods and samples.

Quality Engineering Job Duties:

Determines quality improvement parameters by identifying statistical methods relevant to manufacturing processes.
Establishes statistical confidence by identifying sample size and acceptable error; determining levels of confidence.
Establishes statistical reliability by using mean time before failure, weibull 3-parameter distribution, reliability modeling, and reliability demonstration tests.
Develops experiments by applying full and fractional factorial techniques.
Develops sampling plans by applying attribute, variable, and sequential sampling methods.
Maintains statistical process controls by applying demerit/unit, zone charting, x2 charts for distributions and individual-medial/range for multistream processes.
Analyzes data by completing hypothesis, normal distribution, and process capability analysis tests.
Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data; making recommendations.
Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies; maintaining american society of quality control certified quality engineer qualification.
Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
Quality Engineering Skills and Qualifications:

Analyzing Information , Reporting Research Results, Technical Understanding, Promoting Process Improvement, Developing Standards, Managing Processes, Manufacturing Methods and Procedures, Supports Innovation, CAD, Quality Engineering, Operations Research


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So far:
no new job description,
big confusions about what are my new tasks exactly,
more work,
multiple managers telling me what NOT to do, then 2 days later telling me that I need to do the exact same thing I was told not to (and have no time to do)...

... and this week we have IATF transition audit :cfingers: and half the plant saying what is not their task anymore and the other half who supposedly should do it knows nothing about it...:mg:

Organizational structure changes...you gotta love them...:sarcasm: :popcorn:

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