Quality Games and Deming's Red Bead Experiment


Paul Alexander

Quality Games

Help folks,

Do any of you know of a website(s) that have quality games descriptions on them like Deming's Red Bead Experiment. I need to organize some training within my company and need something toliven up my presentations - as you know the best way to learn is to do.

All help is appreciated.

Paul R Alexander
Program Quality Engineer (Ford Division)
Lear Automotive Engineering GmbH & Co KG
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Quality Type games

Hi Guys!!

I'm back, and need your help.

Does anyone have any suggestions for quality type games to get peoples blood flowing in understanding "quality" ie. The bead experiment by Deming etc.

Just something to get people thinking...

Also, if anyone knows of any books on this type of thing.

Thank you............................

Edith:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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I believe there is a book or maybe even a kit called "Games for Trainers"? I thought I had some info on it, If found I will post. Also, the "Fifth Discipline Fieldbook" has some general training games (e.g. one stresses listening skills while interviewing with a blindfold on).

Laura M


I'm interested as well. Edith - I recently "invented" one of my own. Actually, I'm still getting my thoughts together on what points I can make with it.

It started with me finding dice that my son had for a Dungeons and Dragons game, or some other role play type game. One die is a pyramid (4 sided) one is 8 sided, one is 10 sided and one is 20 sided. Rolling the die, adding the numbers and sampling 3 "rolls" I created a control chart. I had the kids be "operators" and of course all the typical Deming red bead stuff occurred. We pretended "bigger is better" and after a "motivating" speech, there was a trend of 5 increasing averages. I don't suppose it is any different with regular dice, except the 20 sided dice adds alot of variation - and makes for some more interesting histograms, etc.

Several other typical Deming things occurred. The kids "picked" on one for rolling low, etc.

So now I'm thinking of other things....I had a conversation yesterday about how a process could be in control but not capable, and this process could help demonstrate it. How could you reduce variation? Etc. I think if I work at it, I can have a neat example. My sons indicates these dice are available in many shapes and sizes.

If anyone has any input to this, I'd appreciate it. Like what other points can be made or other "exercises" within the game.

(I'd like to work in the concept of overadjustment, because another topic had to do with "getting close to the control limit." Maybe adding or subtracting the 4 sided die?)

Atul Khandekar

Quincunx Simulator

My company has developed a Software for Learning Statistical Process Control through Experiments. With 'Quincunx SPC Simulator' simulates a process and lets you experiment with parameters to learn various aspects of SPC such as why and how control charts work

To download a fully functional shareware version go to : http://www.symphonytech.com/quincunx.htm


Games and Having Fun

Hi Laura,

Seems like you really have something there...

There was one game I heard about that taught employees about variation. The way it went was: You freeze a block of cheese, and then during your "game" you have each employee/student try to slice a pc using a cheese slicer. (Which turns out to be impossible)

It teaches variation through the different slices you get, customer satisfaction (the cheese slice may not look great, but in a sauce it wouldn't matter?)

Again, I don't know the whole theory of the game, but it sounds interesting.!:smokin:

Once again, thanks for the input!


Thank for link Sam!!

Thanks for the link Sam, I found it to be VERY useful!

I find that teaching through games, is so much easier.

Thanks again,
Edith:bigwave: :bigwave: :bigwave:

barb butrym

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there are so many out there.......so alot depends on what you eant to get across....i have a book callled 'games trainers play' and there are subsequent editions 3 I believe.

i also made up a stats game.... cause i wanted something different...i use it in operator training, and intro to SPC. and sometimes just to prove a point....it is a hands on exercise. the group or groups.... represent a penny candy manufacturer.......and they are getting customer complaints about variation in the bags of assorted candies sold ...so you set the stage and elaborate (one of my favorite things!!!) Any way you do the problem solving things (another variation to the game) and look at the process. the candy is hand bagged. so you dump a huge bag of assorted candies...the key here is to get a bag that has stuff like tootsie pops, boxes of dots, small mints and so on.....and the procedure says take a handful and place in a sandwich baggie.....so then you have them do it...and of course the variation is quite obvious, especially with jokers taking huge grabs.....so then they chart the variation, and groups can compete to brain storm the best solution. The Std dev and area under the curve never fail me...oh ya .....counting is not allowed per order of the CEO to maintain the old family tradition yada yada....so they make decisions on improvements...some even fire the guy doing the most variation...its great fun. it Works great where there is resistance to SPC.
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