Quality Management & SPC



Within the last year I got promoted at our plant to the CNC supervisor where I been the lead machinist for the last 13 years. I also do all the programming (GibbsCam) and oversee all set-ups.I was always the hands on/go to guy. Now, I am currently working on ways to chart/graph and monitor the quality coming out of the shop.I have never done any charting or graphing before so this is all new to me. Is there any software or already existing programs I could use for this? We do SPC with the 1st piece, every 15th and the last piece on every order that comes off a machine. We check what we can on the shop floor and usually turn it in to our QC lab to be run on the CMM as well. Our shop floor SPC is recorded on paper but that is all.I would like a way to monitor that as well as the quality.How do you guys that overlook the quality at your shop handle this? After it leaves the floor it goes to inspection for strict screening and inspection. In our shop quality is more important than quantity so this is very important as we deal with complex and tight tolerance parts. I would like to get some kind of programs together for this. If anyone has any information or advice for me to start with I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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