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Quality Management System Manual (Wood Manufacturing Company)



i have recently joined a wood manufacturing company as quality control administrator.So, i am in great need of help.In the company i am assigned a special task that is to develop a quality management system manual.i have not any experience in it before.It is requested to all that please guide me from the very first step.How should i start to prepare a quality management system manual for this wood manufacturing company.
yours kind and prompt response are awaited.
thanks and kind regards.


Captain Nice
Staff member
The first thing to do is to take some time and read through some of the existing discussions here about quality manuals. There is a Quality Manual forum here which is filled with years of discussions about quality manuals - Discussions of the basics to more complex manuals. Some manuals are all text, and some manuals are essentially pictorials.

There are also many examples of quality manuals here, and there are tens of thousands of quality manuals, both real and examples, if you search (using any search engine) using the key words quality manual.

Once you understand the basics of quality manuals, we can help with answers to more specific questions.


First off,in 9001 2015, version is not required to have quality manual , unless is a real need for you, then as Marc suggested you there plenty of manual samples at Elsmar


thanks for the basic guidance.i have red the group discussions and my first question is that what standards of ISO will be included in preparation of quality manual for wood manufacturing company.i mean which standards are relevent,because there are many iso,s
and i am confused ,.


please provide me a quality management system manual sample or a template or of some company manual which belongs to wood/furniture manufacturing products specfically.

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