Quality management system software development - looking for candidate organizations

Paul Simpson

Trusted Information Resource
Here is an interesting project for someone. I have been having some discussions with a well-established software developer about how software could really support an organisation with its quality management system (QMS). They believe this can be done by integrating a number of apps with an organisation’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

They are willing to set up a project with an organisation interested in doing this and I’ll be happy to support it. Are any CQI Members interested in putting their organisation forward?

The ideal candidate will be an organisation currently running ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics that is looking to get real-time information on compliance and performance of the QMS and who is willing to invest in the development of the software.

If anyone believes their organisation may be a suitable candidate please DM me and I’ll set up some discussions. It is an area of interest for me and I’ll be involved throughout.
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