Quality Management System - What Is Expected?




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I am running out of patience.

Then I respectively suggest another line of work.:biglaugh: What you have described is my work environment to a "T". Do your best and don't take it personal.:biglaugh: :smokin:


My patience maybe be running thin but I am not quiting. There are many who have succeeded and I can also learn from those who fail. There are many tips and pointers by our fellow friends in this thread. I thank you guys here. I just need to find the correct antidote.
Just the other day I spoke to one of the quality Manager. He advised me to go slow as far as ISO9000, for those who rush in implementing action plan normally would not succeed in the long run. While the policing will continue but it will soon deminish as Quality System gets better and better.
BTW is Process Mapping knowledge a prerequisite for a successful Quality System personnel. Is there any websites that provide free training or atleast some articles on it?


What you may be describing is a disciplinary issue of compliance to the company's requirements for employment (company procedures).

Sounds like management needs some backbone to enforce its own procedures.

Why let employees determine which procedures they chose to follow?


After a long time I back to forum. Want to check whether I am still registered. Sorry for inconvinance
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