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1. is there a guidance/rule reference for the reporting requirements for head of quality of an organization. ( which is more explicit and specific beyond generic directions)?
for typically medium to large organizations., ( with quality function teams of size QC & QA - 100+ personnel)
2. we have certain understanding at plant/unit level; that he must not report to production head; but can report to plant head. ( plant head being accountable beyond output i.e., primary liability of statutory ( safety, regulatory etc ) and overall management of site )
by same count,
2.1 can we say that Head of Quality shall not report to COO but, can report to CEO/MD.
or head of quality can report to COO, with clarity of JD, and accountabilities being formally documented.
2.3 is it ok for COO to double as Head of quality, with an updated JD & Responsibilities. ( atleast for an interim period!)
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