Quality Plans - Does ISO 9001:2000 require the use of Quality plans?



Does ISO9000:2000 require the use of Quality plans? If so, are the Quality Plans that they are referring to the same as a Control Plan, or is it something different?

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1) Not required anywhere in the standard.
2) NOTE 1 in 7.1 mentions that a Quality Plan is one type of guideline you may use for Product Development planning. But, you can and should develop your planning process suitable to the needs of your organization. Don't let the buzzword concern you.
3) I use simple flow charts that map the process from start to finish, referencing the appropriate documents along the way.
4) Traditional Quality Plans and Control Plans are very different in format, thought they do mostly intend to provide the same result. Unless automotive, I will always choose a more friendly type than any AIAG mandated document format.
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Thanks for your help! That's what I was hoping. I was planning on using Flowcharts, but in my experience with QS9000, those weren't good enough. This makes my day a little easier!




Im currently setting up the QA/QC plan of my company along with all the SOPs as well s the GMP manual. SO we are basically just starting up right now. Im really having trouble doing this since i was previously a a lab person. any ideas on how to prepare the QA/QC plan of let say a chicken frankfurter? from receiving to dispatchin. IM the the only QA person here and everybody else is doing production. so i basically audit the whole system. I would appreciate an example of a QA/QC plan format... thanks to all


Chickenlips said:
Does ISO9000:2000 require the use of Quality plans? If so, are the Quality Plans that they are referring to the same as a Control Plan, or is it something different?QUOTE]

Note 1 in 7.1 mentions the quality plan, but the key is the line just above it. I have found the output to quite often be several documents. For example, the output may be a control plan, a drawing, a BOM, an inspection checksheet, and specific work instruction. You may, call all of those combined as the quality plan. There is no specified format...for a reason.


Our Quality plan format is very simple. Attached is a quality plan format Document template (*.dot) used to inspect a component as per drawing at the final stage. You can modify it to your requirements.

PS:- I am unable to upload *.DOT, Ms Word Document template. It says invalid file. So I had to zip it.


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THanks to db and Kl_rav for replying. ic what u mean. i kind of mixed up my process flow as well as the quality plan into one. i went as far as describing what not to do at a particular step. il try to adapt what u have given me..




Re: Quality Plans - Does ISO9001:2000 require the use of Quality plans?

I use Quality Plans to define the objectives, targets and measurables. Once the objectives are set based on customer satisfaction and other metrics, plans need to be in place to obtain the objectives target.

Just another option.

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