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Just curious as to who in your organization is responsible for developing the Quality Policy. We were originally told that Top Mgmt was responsibile, however I beg to differ. The word used in the QualPol section is "establish"...not "develop" and I feel there is a difference.

Don't get me wrong, Top Mgmt should have input but isn't there a more efficient way to developing a QualPol other than locking Top Mgmt in a room until a concensus is reached or they run out of oxygen (whichever comes first)? :vfunny:


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I think it should be a standard statement photocopied world wide.

I mean would one organisations quality policy be to supply defective products ? I think not, a quality policy almost goes without saying, and ISO9001:2000 practically tells you word for word what to put in it.

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In my experience, this is normally delegated to a person or team to develop, present to managment, and then mgmt reviews/selects/approves what they want to issue.

This is an effective and acceptable business practice.


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In 30 minutes (approx), I'll be going into a room and explaining the requirements of the Quality Policy to Top Mgmt. I am also providing them with three options (technicall four) for developing it:

1. Top Mgmt has sole responsibility for developing.
2. QA develops a few examples and Top Mgmt votes on them at next Quality Review.
3. Requirements are posted in the next edition of the company newsletter and we hold a contest for employees to come up with ideas, which Top Mgmt will vote on at next Quality Review.
4. Let Top Mgmt come with an idea on how to develop the QualPol.

I'll let you know what the grand poobahs decide. :)
I write it, MR approves it, Site manager signs it

In our case:

  • I write a draft
  • The management review meeting approves it (hopefully)
  • The Site Mgr signs it

And that's about it. Then I distribute it along with a bit of explanation and discussion...



Our Quality Policy was written my my boss, the Director of Quality (no longer manager) and approved by top management (GM). It stunk big time. I sent my boss an e-mail referencing the requirements, with explaination, and mentioned things like "measurable" and "continuous improvement". That was mid March. Still waiting for response/change.

That's how the Quality Policy is developed here. :frust:


Define World Class ? ? ? ? ? Who's world ?

Don't get caught up in semantics. Who ultimately has to maintain this program ? The guy/gal in charge. I have always facilitated this in conjunction with the Top Dog. As part of Mgmt Resp., they have to sign up for the program and decide what benefits they want. I give them suggestions---- but ultimately they throw the ideas and measurables out there and I construct them into a format. Remember, all levels of the organization need to understand it, so keep it short, user friendly and---

p.s.-- for crying out loud--PLEASE--don't let them talk you into using the term "World Class" or "exceed"..................good luck and have a nice day.............. :bonk: :bigwave:

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Foghorn -- I mean, I say I mean, Noboxwine,

As usual, your post is based on good, sensible, real-world advice, especially that last part.

Our Quality Policy isn't so good, but it would be interesting to see some Cove members' Quality Policies if they think they are especially good -- editied for company name if necessary. Heck, even the bad ones would be fun to see!
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