Quality Principled Quality Manual based on the eight Quality Management Principles

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Gary L. Phillips - 2007

I have discussed this numerous times at various functions (with different responses) and was wondering if anyone at the Cove has ever developed a Quality Manual which was based on the eight Quality Management Principles i.e.: those principles which were used to develop the 9001:2000 set of requirements? My view is that such a manual would definitely personnalize the manual to the specific organization and should shed a lot of light into how their higher level (Big Q) management system operates, and also how they view issues relating to their own role, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. All requirements of 4.2.2 would be included, however, other requirements would not necessarily be included as they are not specifically required to be included anyway.

This type of Quality Manual may help keep senior management 'calibrated' to those things that really matter for an organization to become successsful and achieve lasting sustainability in the market place.

I also feel that as a potential customer, being presented with such a Quality Manual would drive me to want to pursue negotions further with this vendor.


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Re: Quality Principled Quality Manual based on the eight Quality Management Principle

dear Gary!
you are absolutely right that quality manuals should be base on 8 principles of quality management and we all shoud incorportate all these priniciples in our quality manuals

dear if you look on iso elements of quality management system. you would find that

resource management
management responsibility
product realization

they all presents 8 quality management principles .... for example.... product realization caluse incorporates one principle of quality management that is "Customer Focus"...

iso management responisibility clasue takes into account the first and foremost pinciple of TQM which is "Management Commitment"....

in product realization caluse "System and Process Approaches" are also used which are mentioned in 8 principles of quality mangement....

you also see from your mind prespective you will find more.........


Ahsan Salelem


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