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I'm curious to see what everyones thinks about this question. Especially in light of all the accounting scandals, why are quality professionals not promoted to CEO, COO status. If you look at most of the latest problems, all the individuals came from the financial side of the business. I have my opinion, look forward to yours.
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The predominant reason why most CEOs/COOs rise from the ranks of Accounting is because of the prevailing management model: the Financial Paradigm. We have been in its grips for a long while now, but thankfully it is a failing paradigm. For me, it can't die fast enough!

When a Quality Paradigm replaces a failing management model, we will see Quality professionals rise to the ranks of COO/CEO. Until then, Quality rides in the back seat, and with it, the Quality professional.

If Harry S. Dent is right, the end of the Greatest Boom will occur in 2009, and money will be very tight. As such, we will see a resurgence of Quality and perhaps with it, the rise of Quality professionals. Until the market perceives the need for Quality (in Bull market, Quality gives way to 'making money' any fashion you can), we will continue to hear about the Enrons of the world turning up short, in of all places, the Accounting department. Makes you wonder how this can occur with such Financiers of supreme stature at the helm? Simply: they knew about the criminal activity, they just turned their head and stuck out their hands for a huge payday! I hope they burn for it and end up penniless!! They destroyed many, many lives.

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OH NO ........2009..........I wanted to be retired by then, as a millionaire, in some grand Cayman Cove!!!!!!!...don't tell me I have to stick around a while longer?

Always the secret service , never the president!!!!!

Randy Stewart

I think the emphasis on an MBA degree may be the major cause. Last year there was a huge debate (around this part of the country at least) about which was worth more money an MBA from U of Michigan or from Harvard. It was shown that people graduating with an MBA made upwards of 25% more starting out than any other graduates. As Kevin mentioned, while all the attention is on making the $$$$ and stock holder happiness then the Quality Pro is just another "overhead" expense.
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Randy (the other one - the Squid) is right one. If you look back through some of my other posts you'll see where I've said the same thing and have emphasized the "broadening of horizons" .

I went and did the MBA thing instead of the Master of Safety or whatever. I did it in order to at least be able to crack the door open some myself. Quality professionals (and EHS professionals too) have got to get away from the "pure" science of thier fields if they want to move up, or have greater influence for longer periods over a broader range. They have to use every opportunity they get, or can make, to get involved outside of their area. They need to become more than just "overhead".

Randy Stewart

Did some place freeze over???

This may be a first folks - a squid and a jar head agreed on something. :biglaugh:
I think the day when a Quality professional gets to become a CEO just on the merit of his being a Quality professional, will never come. Businessmen/Share holders are in the game for no other reason but for money. So if there is going to be a smart fellow who knows how to make more of it, he will get to run the house. Even when the financial boom recedes and things become tighter, Share holders will be looking out for someone with skills to maneuver (read manipulate) within the limits to get them the maximum
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