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From: ISO Standards Discussion
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 11:47:23 -0600
Subject: Re: Q: Buying Forms /../Humphries/Darracott/Hankwitz

From: "Hankwitz, John"

> An interesting exchange of views.
> I am at present facilitating the development of a documented
> management system for a 5 man engineering consultancy.
> They claim to have no formal forms but make sure that all
> documents include all the necessary appropriate data.
> If this is true I think that it is in compliance with the
> requirements of ISO 9001 although I am used to my
> clients maintaining a list of forms identified with unique
> references to make sure that the latest issue is used.
> John Darracott

John has hit on an important part of the ISO requirements. Quality records must be created and "maintained to demonstrate conformance to specified requirements and the effective operation of the quality system."

Note that there is no statement mandating the use of forms or signatures. Records may be created and maintained without the use of a form, and approvals can be made without the need or use of signatures. The more creative you become, the less paperwork and excessive processes are needed.

John Hankwitz
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