Quality Records - What is classified as a Quality Record?



quality records

Forms or records mention or states in a procedure or instructions are classified as Quality Record?

Situations: (Stated in a Procedure/ Instruction)

1. A document registration (serves as a front page of all types of documents) which contains signature and approval of the creator and his superior/ manager.
2. Forms not related to quality and traceability but it is part of a certain procedure or instruction. E.g. Requisition form, List of schedule, Document Format (used as format in procedures, instructions and standards)

Please help me to classify...

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David Mullins

Your "question" is not entirely clear, but my opinion is that procedures and instructions are part of your QMS, and as such the objective evidence (records) prove that you did, or didn't, comply with intended arrangements (what the procedures and instructions say you will do).
Therefore YES forms that are completed, minutes of meetings, etc, etc, are Quality Records - they are the objective evidence.

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