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This is my understanding on how Quality registrations are to be made:

In order to achieve continual improvement an organization should document & analyze non conformities and then make sure they get solved. In my company when detecting a NC an NCRF(non-conformity registration form) is filled out and sent to the department where the NC occured. These forms are only used when more serious NC's are detected.

With minor NC's we want to use so called 'scorelists'. Each department has their own list with several items on it like communication with customers or internal computer network. Each time a small NC occurs a score is added to the relevant item.

The scorelists will be analyzed on bimonthly basis by the quality manager.

Is this a efficient and effective way to keep Quality registrations or are we doing something wrong?

Is it better to use logbooks on every department in stead of scorelists?

does anyone have suggestions on how we could improve this?

thanks in advance!


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Dear R,

Like you we use a formal corrective/preventive action form when it is applicable. However there are many other initiatives used at the facility and rather than point to one item to track for CI - use what you are already doing.

Surely you have staff meetings, where current issues are hashed over and actions assigend; You can also refer to any TPM, Kaizen, BRP, or other events. Does you company have improvement teams? Or other key projects doled out by management? These can be process or product related. Every manager/process custodian should be responsible for tracking their own CI efforts (even those that fail) and be able to share them at mgmt reviews or audits.

Our company has a 5-yr plan and a program in place for all locations to track and measure their performance (using detailed KPIs) and pushing effective CIs. The core of our initiative is using Lean Manufacturing techniques (which isn't really new - just put together well for our needs) and so far the results have been great. We hope to be coming out of bankruptcy soon due to these efforts (seriously). Anyway this goes nicely with ISO 9001:2000 as far as setting up goals, objectives and targets and since it is already being driven by Top Management....all I have to do is tie into it. I've taken part by being the QCPC Coordinator, which keeps me directly tied in with all that is going on. And everyone wants to show that they are on board and shares their experiences and especially the successes intercompany.

I hope this helps. Best Regards,
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