Quality Software - What is the best TOTAL Quality Software package out there?



You may also want to look at MQ1 from CEBOS (www.cebos.com). It is fully comprehensive for ISO/QS/TE and integrates ISO 14000 also. It can also interface with WinSPC for your statistical needs.

That said, I also want to state that this is not a completly unbiased post. I am a trainer/consultant affiliated with CEBOS. I know commercial posts are frowned upon (to say the least) in the forums, so I will refrain from further comments on the topic unless directed specifically to me (here or by e-mail). I just thought you might want one more option to look at.



Quality Software

What would be the best TOTAL Quality Software package out there? I have been looking at IQS (Integrated Quality Systems) and QSI (Quality Systems International). Compare/Contrast between these two or others appreciated.



We use the QSI system here, and it has been a bit of a struggle training everyone to use the system. Other than that, it was very easy importing all our Level I's II's and III's. It was also easy to import the flow charts as well. If you have any specific questions, let me know.
We started with only three or four elements of the system first, and slowly are implementing the complete system.


Good Morning Dawn, yes, the software does include FMEA and Control Plans. Flowcharts I've added as attachments.
We did have to have the FMEA and Control Plan areas customized, which is easy to do. (just costs more ). The QSI software also incorporates the ISO14001, and I've been told they will be updating to TS16949 shortly.
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