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I am writing now the diploma work, which will be devoted to quality system development and implementation under ISO 9000:2000. Please, tell me, what should include the plan of quality system development and implementation and which sequence of activities should an organization follow ? Unfortunately, I have no books in ones I could get answers to my questions. This Forum is more concrete and have been helping many. Thank you in advance for help.

Al Dyer


Just a suggestion, but I think you might get a better response rate if you limit your queries to one forum. There is a wealth of experience and information here and the more concise the question, posted in the proper forum, the more (and better) information you will get.

Read through the different items in the FTP site on Cayman and access the ASQ website for publications. (www.asq.org)

I have also had good results using the search engine provided here.

All that said, I would suggest the following publication as a starting point:

Quality System Handbook
Author: David Hoyle
Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann, 1997

I know this is not a specific ISO 9000-2000 text, but the first coupls of chapters address the basics of setting up a quality system.


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