Quality System development and implementation plan



I am writing now the diploma work, which will be devoted to quality system development and implementation under ISO 9000:2000. Please, tell me, what should include the plan of quality system development and implementation and which sequence of activities should an organization follow ? Unfortunately, I have no books in ones I could get answers to my questions. This Forum is more concrete and have been helping many. Thank you in advance for help.



May I recommend Bob Peach's "The ISO 9000 Handbook"? Even though it is written to the '94 standard (at least my edition is) it was written by a man on the original committee, so the "intent" of the standard is in the book.

Also, don't forget the 4000 documents. I wish someone had made me look more closely at it when we started. That goes for 1994 and double for 2000.

Good Luck!
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