Quality World October 1999 - ISO Statistics


Andy Bassett

IS anybody interested in these statistics from Quality World October 1999

..there are at least 271,966 ISO 9000 certificates in 143 countries worldwide.
..an increase of 48,563 certs over Dec 1997 where total was 223,403 for 128 countries.
..Europe has 166,000 certs.
..14% of certs awarded in Far East in 98.
..Africa and West Asia show an increase of 3500 new certs,..growth rate of 40%.
..with 6406, 5961 and 3623 new ISO certs respectively the US, Italy and Australia show highest annula growth rate.
..Germany with 3300 new certs is significantly slowing down its uptake of new certs.
..China has goe the other way with an unprecendented 2000 new certs.
..France showed an increase of 2000 new certs.
..end of 1998 some 4288 certs had been withdrawn..main reason a decision by the company itself.
The report goes on and on about ISO 14001 etc, maybe i could just throw this in for good measure;
..the true king of management standards is still the UK (MY COMMENT - The country that has just nearly completed its destruction of manufacturing) with 60,000 certs, its closest rivals Germany (MY COMMENT - The country that is just picking the bones clean of UK Manufacturing) lags a long way behind with 24,000 certs.

Is there a message in there somewhere.

Andy B

barb butrym

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not sure I understand the comment "....UK - The country that has just nearly completed its destruction of manufacturing"

Interesting figures....I would like to see the entire article,,,,,,including the 14k stuff.
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