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Question about Quality Department employee position titles

Wanted to ask everyone how their Quality Assurance department is organized. In our company, the structure is as follows top top to bottom. Wanted to understand what other “positions” exist in the Quality world so that I can promote some employees that deserve it.

Top to bottom:
- Quality Assurance Manager
- Sr. Quality Engineer
- Quality Engineer
- Quality Coordinator
- Sr. Quality Technician
- Quality Technician
- Quality Administrator
I know in bigger companies they might have Quality Engineer I, II, III and so forth to create more opportunities for promotions.
Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.

Johnny Quality

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To me, on the face of it what you've described is for want of a better word...bloated. Does your department require 7 levels of titles? Mind you, my place is a small business of about 30 people and my quality team is me (manager and engineer) and a couple of inspectors.

What is the difference between each title?


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My previous place:
-Director of Quality
- Quality Manager
- Quality Engineer
- Quality Technician
- Quality Inspector

Quality Manager
Quality Inspector


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Ours got even simpler after 2010,
"Quality Manager"
Duties include Engineering, Calibration, Production, Inspection, Internal Audits, Contract Review, production Planning, Management Rep, Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA), etc. etc.
Prior to that I did have two inspectors and a Calibration Tech.


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What keeps me excited could be new responsibilities, a change of department after few years. And rather than a new shiny job title, I always prefer to have a pay raise. That's how I feel valuable. :)
Currently I'm the only one in my QA department, thus I'm the QA manager of the company. So I can't really help you. And in my previous company we had :
QA director
QA manager (one for audit, one for release,...)
QA associates
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