Question about the element 11.4 of VDA6.1




I have a question about the element 11.4. Does the company provide procedure for the regular evaluation of its suppliers?
The Definition says that a regular Evaluation includes the periodic evaluation of the quality of delivered products and SERVICES.
We have here procedures to evaluate suppliers of delivered products but we don´t have a procedure to evaluate suppliers of services... it is necessary to have an special procedure to evaluate suppliers of services? if it is, what type of suppliers should I include?

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Andy Bassett

I dont actually know what the standard says (and i keep getting into trouble for this) but if i applied common sense i guess it relates to companies that supply goods or services that can influence the quality of the final product.

So now you are left with the problem of defining which of your supplied goods or products can influence the quality of your product, and this is down to;
A. Your own judgement
B. Your auditors judgement on the day.
C. The type of business you are in.

If we take c first, an example maybe a supplier that supplies advertising. If you are manufacturing parts then only a very pedantic reading of the standard would connect your advertising to the quality of your product. If however you are a recruitment agency then your advertising is critical to your product, and you should almost certainly be evaluating your suppliers.

Suppliers of services that are quite commonly forgotten to be evaluated are
A. Your QMS consultant
B. Your certification Registrar.

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Fully vaccinated are you?
I can't see why 1 procedure could not address both services and product. There is no requirement for separate procedures.

Roger Eastin

I agree with Marc. There is no requirement fo r a separate procedure for suppliers of services. As Andy said, take a look at your business and determine who supplies a service that could affect product quality (whatever your "product" is). The standard does require you, at that point, that you evaluate the products or services periodically and assess (through audits - see note 1) the supplier at some frequency that you establish based on the complexity and technical nature of their product. Be sure to keep records of these evaluations.


I want to say Thanks!!! to all of you for you help, the information that you gave me was very important to us.


George Baker

Our QS-9000 procedures have always included both purchased goods and purchased services such as calibration and training, which could affect quality. We treat such service providers exactly the same as material suppliers, including supplier ratings and supplier development. The title of the applicable procedure is "Purchased Goods, Services, and Raw Materials"
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