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but how can a one man business show competency for their ISO 9001 stage 1 audit? I'm new to this and trying to gets things in order for S1

Don't completely listen to Sidney on this one (he's right about some of it), I just did a 1 person QMS certification in December and have another planned in March 2023.

1st - A stage 1 (audit of planning) doesn't really require objective evidence of anything (especially competence) other than the planning to be in place to successfully navigate the Stage 2 (audit of implementation & performance) - besides, it doesn't take 15 minutes when doing the Stage 1 where you can't decide the person has his/her act together

2nd - Can the 1 person demonstrate the ability to do what's required to implement and manage their QMS?
Does he/she understand the business and the relationship to/with clients?
Does he/she possess knowledge of their industry?
Can he/she effectively define their process flow?
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