Question for ISO9000 auditor training

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Peddy Fok

What methods could be used to gather the information on customer
satisfaction & dissatisfaction ?
What are the advantagrs and disadvantages of these methodologies ?

Frank Sye

Hi! Peddy,

For example: By Questionnaire

Adv:Easy to distribute, question is pre-determined, will not cost too much, response is quick

Disadv: ans may not be accurate, not required ans, not objective evidence

Rick Goodson

Customer disatisfaction is commonly measured by customer complaints and by warranty & service information. Customer satisfaction may be measured by customer surveys, focus groups, telephone interviews or to a lesser degree by 'bingo' cards sent with orders.

Since we are talking about auditing for ISO systems, the new revision ISO 900x: 2000, requires that we measure satisfaction therefore it is not an either or situation.

By far, the bingo card is the least expensive but has the disadvantage of a set format. In addition, you can expect a 5% to 15% return rate. At the other end of the spectrum is the cutomer focus group which yields extensive specific information but is extremely expense. Customer surveys are a good compromise yet are still expensive. Customer survey returns are usually more than bingo cards but still not extensive.

A good place to start would be understanding the dynamics of customer satisfaction. Noritaki Kano developed a customer satisfaction model called appropriately, The Kano Model. You might want to start by looking at it. Here is a reference to start from Also there is a Scholtes book reference at, Hope this helps
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