Questionaire: Approach to standards and their implementation



Help needed

Hi everyone,

I work for Johnson Matthey in the UK and as part of my career with them I am doing an MSc on Quality Management. To successfully complete this I need to do a little research in the real world and to do this I have written a small Excel questionnaire to fill in. Please can anyone who has a few minutes to spare please down load the file and follow the instructions and then mail it back to me. It will be much appreciated.
The questionnaire basically reviews companies approach to standards and their implementation. It runs a number of macros and is guarenteed virus free as of when it left me.
I also guarentee that any answers recieved are treated as strictly confidential and no data will be passed on in any form allowing identification of the respondents in my final report.
Many, many thanks in advance, please help a 'student' in need,



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