Questions to Ask Prospective Registrars Before Choosing



questions to ask prospective registrars

Good morning, all:

Many of my customers want help in deciding which registrar to use. I have my own opinions, of course, but I came up with this "Questions to ask the registrar" document in order to help them come to their own conclusions. It covers general issues about registrar policies, then has a set of questions meant to be asked of the Lead Auditor who would be the company's main contact. This thing is a work in progress, but it's worked pretty well over the past few years. I've attached it to this message. Feel free to use it, if anyone finds it helpful. Anything you'd add, delete, or edit?

Talk to you soon,

Craig Cochran
Center for International Standards & Quality
Georgia Institute of Technology
[email protected]


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Randy Stewart

A question that worked for a company in these parts was "Do you want some Stanley Cup Final Tickets for tomorrow night?"
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